Dorina Corn and Sunflower Oils


Dorina products are of high quality, tested on the premises in our own suitably equipped laboratory, thus assuring a strict quality controlled product right up to the last day of expiry.


Corn Oil
Corn oil is extracted from the corn kernels and is a mixture of triglycerides that undergo several refining processes. Our corn oil is fully refined, deodorized and winterized. It gives excellent taste to food, and resists polymerization when continuously fried. It is highly recommended for home and restaurant cooking.


Sunflower Oil
Sunflower is widely cultivated in many countries for its oily seeds. Our sunflower oil is fully refined, deodorized and winterized. It is used in cooking, as a salad oil and in the production of margarine and emulsified sauces. The oil is low in cholesterol, and contains a lower level of saturated fats than other leading oils. Being high in polyunsaturates and rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil is an ideal choice for healthy living.