cthruC-THRU is the fragrance that expresses your genuine self. Simple, harmonious and authentic, for women who ‘see through’ things and first impressions. The element of transparency, the natural luxury of the gems and the overall simplicity make C-THRU the fragrance for a woman who wants to be distinctive and elegant.

C-THRU, women’s favorite perfume, invites you to discover the new variant Blooming, designed for the feminine, stylish, contemporary, positive and free spirited young women who are full of energy and joy for life!

…The modernity & stylishness of Blooming
…The sparkling luck of Charming
…The glamour of Golden Touch
…the sparkling light in Emerald
…the vitality and beauty in Amethyst
…the ultimate love and eternity in Black Diamond and
…the purity and luminosity in Pearl Garden.

Line up: Eau De Toilettes 75ml, Eau De Toilettes 30ml, Deodorant Body Sprays 150ml, Natural Sprays 75ml, & Shower Gels 250ml.

Natural Sprays ‘see through’ women’s need to feel fresh and clean throughout the day. The products’ light & fine fragrance enables women to get a sense of freshness all day long by simply spraying themselves with the naturally luxurious essence of C-THRU Natural Sprays.

Refresh your senses!

C-THRU, your favourite brand, accompanies you in the shower!

Try the new C-THRU Aroma Shower gels and let a feeling of freshness and the allure of your perfume embrace your body all day long!

Blooming, Charming, Golden Touch, Pearl Garden, Emerald and Black Diamond fragrances are captured in transparent shower gel bottles that offer you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite fragrance in more applications for a complete sensational experience!

C-THRU reflects your natural glow!