14 years after the initial launch, STR8 remains your best ally…
str8Today every man’s needs are becoming more and more demanding. Life is full of challenges and experiences and STR8 becomes the ally that gives you the freedom and flexibility you look for through two different lines:

The updated Fragrance Line and the new dynamic performance line STR8 Cool & Dry

STR8: The Fragrance Line
STR8, your favorite fragrance in the metallic packaging, is constantly developing and enriches its range with new fragrance lines. Each perfume reflects a different and unique philosophy both in fragrance and style. Explore STR8 line and depending on your style and character, choose one of the seven ‘vivid’ fragrances that will follow you in everything you do:

  • ORIGINAL: For the man who is in control, authentic & full of confidence
  • FREEDOM: For the man who lives and feels free, without restrictions and boundaries
  • UNLIMITED: For the man who is aware of his unlimited potential and lives with passion
  • OXYGEN: For the man who considers his fragrance as necessary as Oxygen for his life
  • ADVENTURE: For the man who does not have to look out for adventure, since STR8 offers the experience
  • CHALLENGER: For the man who accepts challenges of life and lives on the edge
  • DISCOVERY:for the man that is intrigued by the unfamiliar, is fueled by the mystery of the unknown, that aspires to DISCOVER new thrills!
  • SPORTS:for the man that does not quit, that gets carried away by the vibe, that fights for his ‘trophy’

You can find your favourite fragrances in Eau de Toilette 100 ml & 50 ml, After Shave Lotion 100 ml & 50 ml, Deodorant Body Spray 150ml, Deodorant Natural Spray 85ml, Deodorant Roll-on 50ml, Deodorant Sticks 50ml, Shower Gel 250ml & 400ml.

Additionally, STR8 fragrance line now includes the newAfter shave balsam. After many years of experience in the after shave category, STR8 has developed 2 new products especially dedicated for men that want to take care of their skin after shaving and considers it a necessity for their daily life. For men that enjoy the absolute tenderness and hydration of their skin.

Cool & Comfort – Νormal Skin with woody aromatic notes.
Enriched with provitamin Β5 & refreshing ingredients that hydrate and refresh their skin .

Sooth & Calm- Sensitive Skin with citrus aromatic notes.
Enriched with provitamin Β5 & caring properties, that protect and calm the skin.

STR8 Cool & Dry: the new performance line

When experiences become more intense, STR8 is your ally. For the men who urge for life & extreme moments, STR8 offers a complete new line with advanced product formulas in Deo sprays, Deo Roll Ons & Shower Gels.

STR8 Cool & Dry Deodorants sprays the new anti-perspirant Deodorants, with an advanced formula, provide both 48h anti-perspirant action and more fragrance! STR8’Cool & Dry acts in 4 levels:

  • 48h Anti-perspirant protection
  • Anti-odour
  • More fragrance
  • Non-whitening

STR8 Cool & Dry offers you 5 different proposals, each one especially designed for your different needs: Xtra Power, Midnight Run, Breezy Drive, Fast Ride & Cool Escape.

STR8 Performance shower gels are especially designed for young, extroverted and dynamic men who yearn for stimulating emotions! Try out one of the variants:

  • Xtra Hydro: shower gel with double action Hair & Body engineered with moisturizing agents for ultimate hydration of men’s hair and skin.
  • OXYGEN BURST: shower gel with triple action Hair & Body & Deodorant that provides extra cooling effect due to the mint extracts
  • AQUA BREEZE: Sparkling freshness for men that do not lose a moment! The brand’s Hair & Body product will revive your Hair & your Body through the active ingredients of Pro-Vitamins
  • DEEP WAVE: shower gel for hair & body especially designed for oily hair, enriched with peppermint actives
  • LIME PEAK: The natural & fizzy freshness of lime extracts explode through the green beads of STR8 Power Pro Lime Peak Shower Gel
  • ADRENALINE CRASH: The absolute fusion of Ginseng gives energy and stimulates body & mind. Designed for outgoing, active men who live in tense!
  • NEO SPEED: The active minerals’ complex is designed to revive the body after intense experiences.

STR8 my way!
When experiences arise, STR8 is your way…