A 4 moveable blades shaver at an affordable price for men

Key Benefits:
  • 4 independent spring-mounted blades: distributes and absorbs the pressure of the blades for an ultra soft shave
  • Quick and easy to rinse
  • Large lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E for a better glide. Delivers a smooth and optimal shave
  • Extra thick rubber guard bar: better stretch of the skin for more precision
  • Pivoting head adjusts to body sensitive areas
  • Large ergonomic handle provides a better handling for a comfortable shave, specially designed for men

This product is available in: Europe



The first triple blade shaver with a handle made from renewable resources

Key Benefits:

  Take care of you and the environment!

  • Fixed head for a very close and smooth shave
  • Triple blade shaver with polymeric and chrome covering
  • Lubricating strip formulated with Aloe vera and vitamin E for great smoothness and less irritation

Environmental benefits

  • Handle made of bioplastic, from corn without any petroleum-based additives
  • Green colorants from vegetable origin
  • Light packaging, 100% recycled cardboard and ink from vegetable origin
  • Product & packaging designed to reduce CO2 emissions (-27% compared to an equivalent triple blade shaver)

This product is available in: Europe



Premium triple blade system shaver

Key Benefits:
  • Refillable pivoting head which perfectly follows face countours
  • Triple-blade shaver technology for a close shave with less irritation
  • Extra large lubricating strip formulated with Aloe vera and Vitamin E for a better glide over the skin
  • Thick rubber guard bar allows higher skin stretching effect for smoother shave
  • Longer handle with a rubber grip gives optimal control for comfortable shave

This product is available in: