Living in the world of choice

B.U., the brand of individuality, excitement and self-expression, enters a new ‘era’ by introducing a fresh fragrance range, espeacially through its latest launch: BU Free Spirit!

Faithful to its spirit of confidence, B.U. range empowers every girl with the sense of freedom and multiplicity according to her mood and desires, embraces the enthusiasm for life and offers the adequate energy boost and all vividness needed.

The unconventional packaging in combination with the vivid colors and impressive designs make B.U. irresistible! This youthful and trendy image blends harmoniously with the light and fresh fragrances which entitles B.U. as the choice of every modern girl.

The new BU line comes in 6 unique perfume compositions, presenting different olfactive directions and satisfying every mood for every modern girl who likes to make the difference:

Free Spirit: The floral fruity fragrance reveals the life style of the modern, free spirited young girls and encourages their creativity and free expression in life!
Hippy Soul: A floral fruity fragrance that reveals your enthusiasm for life, provides you with energy and confidence to be yourself.
Rockmantic:A juicy fresh fragrance that successfully combines your romantic and rock shelf, making your irresistible
Wild:a floral muguet combination that empowers you to stay Wild!
Trendy:A modern woody musk scent that induces ultimate experiences.
Heartbeat:An oriental-vanillic fruity fragrance that evokes warmth and sensuality.

The new fragrances are available in size of 50 ml together with new Deodorant Body Sprays of 150 ml, Natural Sprays 75ml & Shower gels 250ml.

The fresh sensation that rocks you up!

Now, BU, your favourite brand, accompanies you in the shower!

Try the new BU Aroma Shower gels and let a feeling of freshness and the allure of your perfume embrace your body all day long!

Hippy Soul, Rockmantic, Heartbeat and Wild fragrances are captured in transparent shower gel bottles that offer you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite fragrance in more applications for a complete sensational experience!

Girls in Action!

Today, life is moving fast, but it sometimes speeds up too much. Thus, for an active girl it can be hard to keep cool and fresh. But not anymore!

BU has developed a new line with the perfect combination of

48h antiperspirant protection & long lasting freshness: BU in action!

With a low whitening formula, 0% alcohol and skin friendly actives, the new BU in action line makes you feel fresh, dry and confident all day long!

Soft Skin,Tender Touch,Energy Move, Fresh Vibe and Lively Spirit are the four new variants that constitute the new line of antiperspirant deo sprays 150ml:

  • Soft Skin: a tender and fresh fragrance with Tiare blossom extract that makes your skin soft, fresh & dry all day long!
  • Tender Touch: a tender combination of fruity, woody and musky notes that provides a comfortable, yet sensational feeling
  • Energy Move: an explosion of fruity, green and woody notes that provides energy all day long
  • Fresh vibe: an uplifting blend of fresh fruits, floral and musky notes that offers fresh sensation
  • Lively spirit: a vibrant capture of floral, watery and musky notes that evokes the senses

100% FRESH B.U. is the brand that respects a girl’s distinctive personality, as ‘Be yourself’ is her motto and B.U. is her secret!