Primo Gusto. For … Pasta Lovers!

Primo Gusto was created in 1991, due to the need for a pasta line that would be addressed to younger consumers, seeking quality and easy-to-make meals! Primo Gusto won loyal fans that chose it for its superior quality, as well as for its elegant red packaging. Primo Gusto products satisfy even the most demanding pasta lovers! They wake our Italian temperament – and not by chance! The high quality pasta of this line is based on an unrivalled recipe, especially made for those who want pasta with authentic flavor. It is a mixture of rare varieties of limited production hard wheat that produces equally high-quality semolina; as a result, pasta has the perfect blond color (both raw and cooked) and the ideal texture for al dente pleasure. Apart from the classic Primo Gusto Spaghettini, the line also includes Extra Spaghettini No 12, cooked in 4’ only, as well as Spaghetti Rigati, the only spaghetti in the market with stripes, which “holds” the sauce on the pasta! Primo Gusto range also has many kinds of short and stuffed pasta (tortellini, ravioli etc.). Make delicious recipes with lasagna, cannelloni, fettucine, papardelle and tagliatelle. No 1 in the market of semi-ready pasta meals, Italian Menu offers a solution to those who love pasta but have limited time or don’t have the ingredient they need at hand. They are produced in lots of shapes, with various sauces, so you can taste something different every day! Primo Gusto Bio is the first line made of organic durum wheat and in packaging made of recyclable paper. Finally, Primo Gusto line is completed with tomato products and ready-made sauces.